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Turkish Translation Office is a good partner for your Translation needs for all language pairs. It has been established in 2008 as a part of EDU Group with the mission of becoming the first...Click for more


Simultaneous translation service is a highly specialized area of translation where the translator interprets or translates for someone in another language fluently without any interruption...Click for more

Transcription, Subtitling and Voiceover

At TTO, we can transcribe any audio or video records you have and if requested, we can also translate these transcriptions into other languages and add to your videos as subtitles.Click for more

Machine Translation

As a return of our investments in hardware, software and databases, we have commenced our brand Transistent in January 2015 for machine translation...Click for more

DTP (Desktop Publishing)

One of the many important stages of the translation process is desktop publishing or DTP. As well as the actual translation between languages, typesetting, graphics, website layouts...Click for more


We persistently strive to satisfy all our customers' needs. TTO offers the advantages of all-round and diversified services, plus comprehensive software and hardware facilities.Click for more

Quality Control

An inseparable process of high quality translations, the Quality Assurance Process is carried out in four stages at Turkish Translation Office. Adopting “zero-error” policy as a core principle...Click for more

About Us

The World's Most Renowned Turkish Translation Agency (Translation services in Turkey and Europe)

At Turkish Translation Office, we have been producing high quality translations and presenting unconditional customer satisfaction since 2005. Our customers from all around the World have expressed their satisfaction for our translation services in Turkey and Europe. We are proud to be one of the best and biggest agencies, providing translation services in Turkey. We are certified with EN 15038 European Standard, which is a globally accepted standard in terms of translation services requirements and the only standard recognized by the European Union.

In order to reinforce a cultural bridge especially from European languages to Asian languages, in 2013, EDU Group founded a Translation and Localization Office in Europe in accordance with its expansion and investment plans in Europe. With this branch office in Dusseldorf, Germany, EDU Çeviri started offering both translation and localization services to all languages from English, Turkish and German and from all languages to these source languages, in addition to its translation services in Turkey.
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