Terminology Management Services

Reducing your translation costs is up to you! Terminology helps us to translate more in a shorter time, with higher accuracy and consistency. Working more with a clear focus lessens the editing period resulting in higher quality.

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What is terminology?

Languages are so fruitful that there are many different ways of translating one sentence. However in technical translation this is the main causes of complexity and chaos. Depending on the special field technical translation area is full of terms and special use of some words. In order to achieve consistency there should be a specific guideline or a foundation to give light to future translations.

Why it is important?

This foundation is called terminology or termbase and it’s crucial to technical translation. In high volume projects there are many different translators work on the same project at the same time or the same project has future translation works. Can you imagine working without a proper terminology? In the editing process both time and efforts would be intense making you pay higher costs.

However we have a bright solution for this chaos! We have been giving Professional translation and localiazation services to all industries for years now. Thus we are aware of the importance of Professional terminology management service and we can help you to create a perfect termbase for current project or future use!

If you’re looking for cost effective translation services that is also sustainable contact us to get your terminology ready! Free quote is on the way!

How terminology management works?

Thanks to fast developing technologies we can provide you fast and reliable translation services in every field to lower costs. How? First of all we should mention computer assisted translation. There are some computer programs enabling us to work on a translation project with multiple translators at the same time. These programs use our translation memories, which operate as an archive keeping all the former translations.

These programs scans and recognize same terminology and suggests previous translations of it to the translator. Because it’s not completely mechanic translators are free to use the suggestion or not depending on the context. When you have a proper termbase in the TM, it can save you a lot time, effort and money! If you like to use machine translation that costs aproximately 50% less, you need a Professional termbase again. Whether you’re working with us or not, professional terminology management service is highly important for your business. Get in touch to get more information!

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