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Ensure the use of correct terminology across all your documents and translations. Terminology management helps you receive accurate and consistent translations.

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What is terminology?

A term is a word or expression which has a special meaning when used in a particular field. Terms are used to describe or express a concept specific to a field of expertise. Terminology, on the other hand, is a group of terms relating to a field. With the help of terminology management you can identify and manage company or product specific terms that need to be translated in a specific way to ensure accuracy and consistency in the target language.

Why is it important?

Terminology management plays a key role in producing translations with correct terms in a target language. By keeping a database of terms, which are also called “termbase”, you can maintain your terminology in a centralized way. With the help of termbases, you can:

  • ensure consistency
  • manage terms and their translations in one place
  • increase translation quality
  • save time and effort

These termbases are searchable glossary databases that contain source and target terms, notes for reference such as definitions and rules about their usage. When needed, a termbase can also feature other extra meta information regarding a term such as images describing the object, whether a term is approved, prefered or forbidden.

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How does terminology management work?

Thanks to fast developing technologies we can provide you with fast and reliable translation services in every field at lower costs. How? First of all, we should mention computer assisted translation. These are some software enabling us to work on a translation project with multiple translators working at the same time. These software use translation memories, which operate as an archive and database keeping all the former translations.

These software usually have a built-in terminology management module which help recognize the saved terms and suggest their translations while a translator is working on translation.

At TTO, we offer our clients terminology management services where we extract the terms used in their industry or documents, and translate them into the languages they need. Using these terms, we prepare term bases which are compatible with computer assisted translation tools and can be used in terminology management modules of CAT tools to ensure the use of consistent terminology.

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