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Do you need legal translation services for your international business, commercial agreements or personal applications to official authorities for visa or work permissions? We provide professional legal document translation services at competitive prices.

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What should be paid attention to in legal translation?

Although legal rules, or law in general, exist to preserve fundamental rights and freedoms of people and are set to regulate the relationship among natural entities or legal entities, judiciary and legal systems typically differ greatly from one country to another. Therefore, legal translation requires more than just rendering a document in a foreign language. In addition to the specific terminology, style and the register used, legal texts usually include some special references to the legal system of the related country. That’s why working with expert translators who are familiar with the legal system of the target country is significant in receiving accurate and correct legal translations.

Even a minor error and mistake in legal document translations may result in serious consequences. Therefore, the accuracy and quality of the translated text should be the two most important factors to be taken into account. As a professional translation agency, we have a quality department dedicated to increase the quality of the translations we deliver with the additional quality control processes we implement.

Legal documents require notary approved translations as well, which need to be done by certified legal translators. In certified translation, a legal document is signed and stamped by the translator and the notary for its correctness and accuracy once translated. Working with a network of linguists consisting of more than 2500 translators and editors from all language pairs, we provide our clients with notary approved legal translation services.

Legal translations are typically required by law firms, companies from banking and finance industries, businesses that are operating internationally and individuals who are applying for visa, work or residence permit etc. At TTO, we deliver translation services for our corporate and individual clients who are looking for a reliable legal translation company.

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When would you need legal translation?

Legal translation is needed in a wide range of industries such as business, finance, banking and requires expertise in the legal systems of the source and the target language.

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