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Literary translation is one of the fields that require working with creative translators and editors who are native in the target language. To provide high quality literary translations, we work with professional linguists in all languages.

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How do we translate literary texts?

We make sure that we assign the project to an experienced translator who’s the expert at that specific literary form.

After the translation is finished, we scan the text with our special programs and correct the errors.

Then our literary editors and proofreaders read the translation to evaluate the work to see if any semantic errors are present.

In the final step our desktop publishing department does the formatting and styling tasks to prepare the text for publication.

Which literary forms do we translate the most?

  • Novels

  • Literary articles

  • Poems

  • Short stories

  • Plays

  • Letters

  • Biographies

What makes Turkish Translation Office different?

Our professional translation services offer expertise at different industries. That is why we can provide you with a wide range of language solutions. We know that literary works have, among many other components, a tone, narrative, metaphor, rhythm and often a lengthy and complex plot which can contain some connotations in between the lines. Satire or humour can also be the main motive in a novel or poem.

An experienced and talented translator must consider all these components as he or she begins the artful task of translating literary works; books, articles, poems and other creative pieces. Our translators not only understand this art form but also know just how to transfer the subtleties of any literary work into target language while maintaining the overall flow and style of the text.

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