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What is simultaneous interpreting?

Interpreting is the oldest type of translation, and simultaneous interpreting can be considered as the hardest one. One of the main reasons for this is that it requires various skills and a vast amount of experience at the same time. In addition to being a master in short-time memory, an interpreter should also have a great knowledge about the subject matter.

While interpreting, an interpreter usually sits in a booth which is located in place that sees the stage and the speaker. While the speaker is giving his or her speech, the interpreter renders the translation into the target language at the same time. Advanced interpreting equipment is needed for this special type of translation.

What are the advantages that simultaneous interpreting offers?

No extra time
Interpretation is performed in real time with the speech, so it doesn’t take extra time.

Ability to interpret into various languages
Thanks to the technical equipment used, various languages can be interpreted and listened to by the audience at the same time.

Uninterrupted flow of speech
Simultaneous interpreting doesn’t interrupt the speaker.

When would you need simultaneous interpreting?

  • Conventions and conferences
  • Guided tours
  • Trainings and lectures
  • Interviews and shows on live broadcasts
  • Governmental and political meetings

Why choose Turkish Translation Office for simultaneous interpreting?

  • We have a pretty big network of conference interpreters. With our +500 interpreters we provide professional services in all languages.
  • Our simultaneous interpreters are specifically trained and have all the required skills, besides they also have expertise on your industry.
  • We have the experience and know-how for technical requirements; you don’t need to look for another company for simultaneous equipment rental.
  • We pay attention to your confidentiality and sign non-disclosure agreements with the interpreters and 3rd parties.
  • As Turkish Translation Office we meet all the specifications that ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 require.

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