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Looking for professional interpreting services to a great price? We are proud to offer you extensive interpreting services in all languages including simultaneous interpretation with equipment rental, consecutive, over the phone and whispered interpreting.

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Our Interpreting Services Cover

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Consecutive interpretation services in Türkiye & Europe

At TTO, we offer consecutive interpreting services in Türkiye and Europe. It’s an interpreting type where the interpreter listens to the speakers while they are speaking and renders what they have said into the target language when the speakers take a pause.

The main advantage of this interpreting type is that it does not require advanced interpreting equipment which makes it a practice appropriate for almost any type of setting and environment from factories to formal meetings. However, due to the fact that consecutive interpreters and speakers take turns consecutively, it extends the duration of the event or meeting

Simultaneous interpreting services

Simultaneous interpreting is a highly specialized type of interpretation where the interpreter interprets or translates for someone in another language fluently without any interruption at the same time while the speech is being delivered. Simultaneous interpreters play a critical role in ensuring a seamless communication among participants of large conferences, business meetings and other events where attendees speak various foreign languages. Due to its complex nature, it requires working with professional and skilled interpreters who are fluent in source and target languages, and expert at the subject domain of the event.

Remote interpreting is the new trend

Remote interpreting has recently become one of the most requested interpreting types. With the recent technological advancements, it is now possible to hire interpreters for your online events, webinars and virtual meetings. Based on the platform such as Zoom, Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, you are using for your online event, we provide you with experienced simultaneous and consecutive interpreters.

Simultaneous interpretation equipment rental

In addition to interpreting services for your off-site events, we also supply simultaneous interpretation and presentation equipment for your onsite meetings. We provide state of the art interpretation equipment along with our professional and expert technical team who are experienced in the provision and organization of interpretation services.


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