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Are you looking for cost effective translation services? We provide professional translation and localization services for various industries requiring subject domain expertise.

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Expertise in Translation Services

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High Quality in Translation Services

Whether you are looking for document translation or technical translation, you need to receive an accurate and error-free translation service. We are aware that errors can cost you money and extra effort, so we make sure that you get the best results! How? Let’s take a closer look at our standard workflow.

As a professional translation company, we only work with educated and experienced translators from all over the world. There are more than 2500 translators in our network, so we can choose and assign the most suitable language experts who are experienced in your industry and subject domain. Despite the efforts put by a translator, a translation might have errors or mistranslations which can be overlooked during translation.

That’s why we implement a 4-stage quality control process where we have translations reviewed by our experienced editors and proofreaders to eliminate possible errors and increase the quality.

Work with a professional and experienced translation company to receive quality guaranteed translations.

Translation Services for All Industries

5 reasons to work with TTO?

  • A dedicated project management and linguist team for your projects
  • Experienced and professional linguists
  • Use of the latest translation technologies to help increase speed and quality
  • Higher quality translations with 4-stage quality control
  • Translation insurance coverage up to $50,000

Ensuring consistency in translation is crucial, yet challenging when the volume of work is high and turnaround time is short. However, state of the art technologies like CAT and other translation tools we use help us achieve higher consistency and accuracy. What is more, these tools enable us to translate faster in a managed workflow where we implement a 4-stage quality control.

During the quality control process we have translation reviewed and corrected by our editors and proofreaders against possible issues such as missing translation, spelling and semantic errors, incorrect terminology use, fluency in target language and guarantee an increase in the overall quality of the translation.

We execute all of these steps on our secure cloud based systems and by creating user profiles for our clients we help them track their project details on this online project management system.

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