Translation Memory Management

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Why translation memory is important?

Translation memory, known as TM in translation industry is one of the most important requirements of a fast and reliable translation service. As a kind of archive for the former translated documents in a project, TMs enable translators who work on the same project to work more effectively and consistently. How?

Let’s say you are a retail company in textile and you have multilingual guidelines that are renewed or revised every year. Every time you need a translation you need to strart translating from zero. However if you have previous translations in the archive the translation programs give suggestions when there is a match with previous translations. It’s easy to save time and money in the big picture!

Technology integration to the translation business is a question for some. However if you have tons of translation material, you start looking for more sustainable solutions to reduce your costs. In the same amount of time we finish more work with more consistency thanks to use of these memories who work as an archive. Therefore projects require less editing as well!

  • Higher consistency

    Known as CAT tools, computer assisted translation enable us to achieve higher consistency even without quality control process!

  • Lower costs

    In translation efficiency saves time, effort and money! Don’t miss out the oppurtunity get the high quality service to a great price.

  • Faster translations

    Thanks to suggestions made accordingly to the previous translations, translators are free to choice what’s more eligible to the context!

Translation memory management

As a Professional translation agency who work on highly secure cloud based systems we save you from the burden of managing the archives of translations project by project! We keep all the translated documents for later use on your project, including the first and edited versions. This way we give you a better service in the future translations while keeping them in our archives.

There is no loss of using TMs! To get to know more about translation memory services, get in contact now.