Translation Memory Management

Use our professional translation memory management services to save time and cost!

Translation memories are databases where we keep previously translated content for the use in future translations. They help you decrease turnaround times while increasing efficiency and consistency. Do you need to keep your own translation memory? Contact us now to receive professional help.

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Why use translation memories?

Translation memory, known as TM in the translation industry is one of the most important requirements of a fast and reliable translation service. As a kind of archive for the former translated documents in a project, TMs enable translators who work on the same project to work more effectively and consistently. How?

Assume that you are a retail company in the textiles industry and you have multilingual guidelines that are renewed or revised every year. Every time you need a translation you need to start translating from scratch. However if you maintain previous translations in an archive of translation databases and use them in a computer aided translation tool, the software compares the new content with previous translations and provides suggestions when there is a match. 

If you have a large amount of text to be translated and regularly need the translation of similar content, translation memory management will help you reduce costs while increasing consistency among your old and new translations.

  • Higher consistency

    Translation memories help you ensure stylistic consistency throughout your documents.

  • Lower costs

    Maintaining a database of translations and using them in the future for the translation of similar content helps you save time and budget.

  • Faster translations

    With the help of translation memory software, the translation of an already translated sentence is automatically detected and suggested as a match.

Why TTO in translation memory management

Translation memory management requires experience and technological competency. At TTO, we have an expert team of linguists and project managers who are experienced in the maintenance of translation memories in various languages. Our team uses the latest computer aided translation technologies to streamline the management of these translation databases. Your data is safe with us; we do care the confidentiality of your data and keep it in our secure digital archives.

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