Proofreading Services

Take advantage of our proofreading services that we offer with our professional linguists and increase the linguistic quality of your texts! Whether it’s a translation or an academic article that you penned, we review and proofread your texts to eliminate any possible linguistic issues and improve readability.

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Why is proofreading important?

Any text, whether it is a translation or an article in its original form as written by its author, may need improvements for increased readability and fluency by eliminating possible grammar errors and semantic issues. However, reviewing and correcting a document requires being proficient in the subject matter of the text. That’s why we only work with professional, native proofreaders who are experienced linguists. Having an eye for catching any possible mistakes or aspects to be improved, our proofreaders review the text to ensure that it has a high linguistic quality.

In our typical workflow, proofreading is a monolingual process that we implement by reviewing the target language. During a proofreading job, our proofreaders check your translation against grammatical and stylistic issues to increase its fluency and readability in the target language. Any possible spelling or punctuation errors are eliminated. The main objective of proofreading is to ensure that translated text sounds natural in a target language and to its native speakers.

  • Proofreading by native speakers

  • Reliable and affordable services

  • Fast proofreading solutions

Why should you get proofreading services?

  • Proofreading increases the readability of a text.
  • An error-free and fluent text attracts the interest of readers.
  • A well-proofread translation sounds natural and helps you to build trust among your target audience.
  • A professionally written text helps you communicate your message in the right tone and style.

How do we implement proofreading in our workflows?

For a quality guaranteed translation, we usually suggest our clients to implement our 4-stage quality control step where we process a text through the steps of translation, editing, proofreading and desktop publishing. Once a text is translated, it is forwarded to our editors experienced in the related subject matter where a bilingual review is performed and the translation is checked against missing translations, incorrect translations, terminology errors. When the editing step is complete, the edited file is sent to a proofreader.  Being a native speaker of the target language, the proofreader further improves the linguistic quality of the same text. When linguistic checks are all complete, the document is reviewed for its formatting and prepared for delivery by our DTP team

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