Professional translation and interpreting services in English – Turkish, English – German and many other language combinations

English is the lingua franca of our time with its both native and second language speakers totaling to approximately one and a half billion people. Being the most commonly used language in international business, communication and technological research, English can be considered a world language.

With an experience of over 15 years in translation and localization industry, we have been providing our clients from all over the world with premium linguistic services in English language for their needs in translation, localization, interpreting, multimedia and content creation services.

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High Quality Human Translation Services

Being an ISO 17100 and ISO 9001 certified company, Turkish Translation Office guarantees premium quality at world standards with its English-speaking native linguists and established translation management procedures overseen by experienced project managers.

In our English translation services we do care for the target audience and offer our clients the option to receive their target texts in English locales of their choice such as American, British, Canadian or Australian English.

With a large pool of translators for English language we provide translation for various industries such as:

Notarized and Certified Translation Services for English

Do you need to have your documents translated and certified by a reliable professional in Türkiye? You can trust us with your notarization, legalization and apostille needs. In addition to translating your documents, we are also prepared to handle all the notarization and legalization processes for you in Türkiye and deliver them to your address in any part of the world.

With our experienced management team, we have been providing our clients all over the world with translation and notarization for their legal documents such as:

  • Contracts
  • Passports, identity cards, diplomas, driving licenses
  • Court documents and petitions
  • Letters of attorney
  • Certificates of residence
  • And other relevant documents related to immigration services

English Interpreting Solutions

English is the most common language that is spoken in almost all of international organizations or events. We provide interpretation services for our clients who need professional interpreters for their events to be held in Türkiye and in other regions of the world.

Are you looking for a reliable partner who has vast experience in managing interpreting projects in international conferences, seminars and events? Or do you need simultaneous equipment for your event and would like to rent a system that fits your needs?  Please get in contact with our team and ask for a free quote for language pairs such as English – Turkish, English – German and many more.

Our interpreting services cover:

Localization Services by Native English Speakers

Turkish Translation office is the localization service provider of many of the national and international companies who are operating in local or international markets. We have been offering English localization and adaptation solutions to our clients who would like to expand their reach to new markets by adapting their products to the expectations of their local users and clients.

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Our localization services are: