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Looking for cost-effective multilingual editing services? We are ready to review your texts and translations, and increase the quality! Share with us your documents to be reviewed, we will have it edited and corrected by our professional editors and reviewers.

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What is Editing?

Editing is a highly important process in translation services. Being a product of an intellectual effort, translations might have grammatical, stylistic and semantic issues such as spelling errors, incorrect use of formatting, missing and incorrect translations. However this is not something specific to translated texts alone. Despite not being a translated text, it is very likely that any kind of written content such as academic or literary articles can also have such issues in their original version. Editing is the process of correcting these text-specific errors with the aim of creating a flawless text for the reader.

As a common practice, editing should be done by someone else other than the translator’s or the author’s themselves due to the fact that while working on a piece of text one can easily become less sensitive to catching possible errors in a text. Additionally, editing and reviewing should be carried out by a professional editor or reviewer who is expert at the subject matter of the text to ensure the correct use of terminology.

In many cases, quality and accuracy of a translated text is of vital importance. In some industries such as medical or legal texts, translation errors cannot be tolerated due to the outcomes that may arise. For such documents we suggest our clients to make sure that their translations will be checked against possible errors with additional control steps. We include these steps within our 3-stage or 4-stage quality control services and ensure to deliver accurate translations.

  • Editing in every language

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Why would you need editing?

  • Editing increases the readability of texts, makes it easier to digest!
  • After editing, the overall quality of the text rises up by ensuring accuracy.
  • Editing helps to eliminate any kind of issues such as mistranslations and missing translations.
  • Quality is a matter of prestige and it proves that you care about your communication with your target audience.

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