Technology at Turkish Translation Office

We are proud to offer the best quality translation and localization services and constantly work towards increasing productivity and efficiency. That’s why we closely follow the latest translation technologies and integrate them into our workflows.

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What’s the importance of technology in translation?

Technology has been evolving very fast and it has significant effects on all industries from health to retail, and the translation industry as well. Being a technology-friendly translation company working for global businesses and brands, we streamline our processes with cutting-edge technologies.

  • Translation Management

  • Integrations

  • Client Portal

  • Low Costs, High Quality

  • Fast & Reliable Translation

  • Multilingual Translation Services

How do we make use of technology?

At TTO, we use translation management systems, computer-assisted translation tools which we integrate with machine translation technologies when needed, transcription, subtitling and desktop publishing tools and software.

We manage our projects on our translation management system which helps all the parties working on a project collaborate more efficiently. Our project managers, linguists and quality assurance professionals work on the same platform. Even clients can manage their projects on the same system. This automated workflow process allows us to save time and offer our clients a well-organized service experience. Through a secure client portal we provide, our clients can upload their documents to place a translation request, follow their requests, payment and invoicing details online.

We also offer integrations and connectors for third party content management systems, marketing automation platforms, source code repositories and more. These integrations enable us to pull and push content between our translation management systems and our clients’ platforms.

Translation management systems and computer assisted translation tools that we use help us deliver consistent and accurate translations regardless of the volume and the scope of a translation project. We benefit from term base and translation memory technologies to achieve high quality translations.

Contact our project management team to learn more about our technology based translation services.