Technology Services In Turkish Translation Office

We are proud to offer best quality translation and localization services yet constantly working on to increase productivity and efficiency. For this reason we always follow the newest technologies. Discover our technology based services and advantages.

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What’s the importance of technology in translation?

Fast evolving technology has great effects on every industry from health to retail, it was inevitable for translation industry too. As a dynamic translation office working for globally succesful businesses and brands, we always look for fresh solutions and technologies.

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How do we make use of technology?

First of all, we execute our projects on our cloud based systems which enables all the parties working on a project collaborate with more efficiency. Our project managers, translators, DTP and quality department work on the same platform. Even clients can manage their projects on the same system. This automated working process saves time and offer a well organized service experience.

Thanks to our secure functioning client portal, our clients can upload their documents on the system. Follow the project online, make comments and ask for revisions on the system. What’s more? They can manage their payments and billings without leaving the platform.

We like to be sure that we provide a smooth and trouble-free translation service, therefore we collaborate with third parties and integrate new technologies to our systems. All formats are included into our client portal!

The translation management systems we are using help us to achieve high level of consistency and accuracy even in multi-lingual and high volume of translation projects. CAT tools, terminology banks and translation memories are great tools for such heavily work.

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Artificial Intelligence based machine translation

Are you interested in reducing your translation costs without sacrificing the quality? The good news is that we can achieve this thanks to artificial based machine translation and post-edit services! Machine translation in every language pair works best with proper terminology banks and data. However raw output may contain still some errors, just like human translation. Therefore we provide compementary post-edit service to achieve highest quality. You have the right to decide which quality you like!

In order to learn more about our technology based services you can contact our project managers 24/7!