Professional German translation and interpretation services

With its around 220 million native and second language speakers, German is the most widely spoken native language in the European Union and has a particular importance in international business and communication due to Germany’s developed economic and social structure. Being one of the largest economies in the EU, Germany has a giant industrial and commercial presence in the world with its strong multinational corporations serving in many of the main commercial industries such as pharmaceuticals, IT, automotive, energy.

Operating from its offices in Germany and Türkiye, Turkish Translation Office has been offering its clients high quality translation, localization and interpreting services in the language combinations German – English, German – Turkish, German – Japanese and many more.

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German Document Translation Services

Are you looking for professional linguists to have your legal, technical, commercial or financial documents translated? With our established offices in Germany and Türkiye, we have been helping our clients from all over the world with our document translation services for the industries such as:

Notary Certified and Sworn Translations

Clients, who need to receive notary certified or sworn translation in Türkiye can rely on our expertise in this service. If you would like to notarize or legalize your document and have apostille certification, we can handle all the notarization and legalization works for you, and dispatch your documents to the address of your choice.

Typical document types that we receive certified translation request most are:

  • Contracts
  • Passports, identity cards, diplomas, driving licenses
  • Court documents and petitions
  • Letters of attorney
  • Certificates of residence
  • And other relevant documents required for immigration and citizenship applications

German Interpreting Services by Native Speakers

Would you like to collaborate with experienced interpreters who have an excellent command of source and target languages together with a subject matter expertise? We have been supporting our clients with our interpretation services that we provide for their events ranging from conferences, seminars, interviews to lectures, trainings, phone calls and business meetings in Türkiye, Germany and in any other regions of the world.

Customers in need of technical equipment can take advantage of our equipment rental services which cover all the required components such as interpreting booth, headsets, speakers, microphones as well as technical assistance.

Our interpreting services are:

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Localization Services for German Language

German-speaking countries have always been of primary importance to boost sales of a product in international markets. Any company, targeting to achieve a successful penetration strategy into these markets, has to adapt its products and services to the needs and expectations of local consumers. This is where the importance of having a localization strategy comes in.

If you would like to expand your marketing efforts and existence into foreign markets, we are here to help with our localization services ranging from software localization, website localization and mobile app localization to multimedia content localization which covers subtitling, transcription and audiovisual translation.

Localization Services