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Interested in making profit online? E-commerce is the easiest way to go global by expanding into local with less effort and more profit! We offer you the best localization service with high quality at a great price!

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E-commerce is the new commerce

Now that the internet has made it possible to access the whole world online, the internet has provided a suitable environment to lay the grounds of a global market which, in turn, has paved the way for a change in the business models implemented. Whether it is a start-up, a small business or a global brand, all types of companies are looking for the ways of taking advantage of online shopping.

Through e-commerce you can:

  • easily start your business online without a physical store
  • get over geographical limitations and open up to global markets
  • lower your operational costs and spend more on marketing
  • sell your services and products without time limitation

Looking for opportunities to open up to new markets? You need to stand out and reach out to your target audience! Research on this field clearly shows that people tend to shop online on websites that are prepared in their language. We are here to support you with your e-commerce localization needs!

Translation vs. localization

Translation conveys the message of a source text into the target language.

Localization goes beyond translation and while rendering the message, it also adapts the non-textual elements such as images to the target culture.

Translation is usually used for documents that do not require adaptation. These can be content types such as medical, academic, technical.

Localization is preferred for the translation of websites, software, mobile applications and marketing contents to make the final output more appealing to the audience in the target markets.

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Why choose Turkish Translation Office for e-commerce localization?

We have a dedicated team working on localization projects to deliver you the best results!

For each of our e-commerce localization projects, we build dedicated teams consisting of our experienced project managers, web developers, IT specialists and language experts.

Thanks to our network of creative translators from all over the world, we can work on multi-language projects simultaneously and deliver them as soon as possible!

We have all the quality certifications required for professional localization and translation services.

We apply a 4-stage quality control process to increase the overall quality of the final output.

Go global with our professional e-commerce localization services and increase your profit!