Translation management systems

At TTO, we always look for ways of optimizing our translation processes by automating our workflows and eliminating manual handling of repetitive and laborious tasks. We use translation management systems which enable us to increase collaboration and efficiency.

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What is a translation management system?

As commonly known as TMS in the translation and localization industry, a translation management system is a software which facilitates project planning, monitoring and collaboration in a centralized environment. An advanced translation management system brings many components of project management together on one platform to streamline the process. These might include:

  • Workflow management to customize the workflow steps included (translation, editing, review, quality assessment etc.) and automate the process
  • Translation memory management (maintenance of databases consisting of previously translated texts)
  • Terminology management
  • Reporting module to review business data
  • Invoicing module to manage client and vendor invoices
  • Client portal that allows clients to track project details
  • Linguist portal on which linguists can receive and submit translations and work on translation jobs
  • Integration with third party content management tools and repositories to automate the retrieval and delivery of content for translation

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