Linguistic Quality Assessment Services

How do you measure translation quality? Do you have any standards you are implementing during translation quality evaluation that help you perform an objective assessment of the quality?

At Turkish Translation Office, we offer translation quality assessment services and provide our clients with quality assessment reports based on standard metrics defined.

Learn now more about our quality approach and quality assessment services.

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What defines quality in translation?

Evaluating and detecting the quality of  a translation has always been a matter of discussion that revolves mostly around the question “Can translation quality be measured independently of personal judgment and be based upon objective criteria?”. In the seek of an answer to this question, various quality metrics have been developed to provide a solid ground for evaluation methods. While some of these methods suggest a more limited set of metrics against which quality evaluation is supposed to be carried out, some take a more comprehensive approach and define a more granular group of metrics that can be selected and applied dynamically based on the requirements of a translation project. Despite having some differences in their approach to evaluation, these static and dynamic models suggest quality assessment methods based upon the criteria such as mistranslation, missing translation, accuracy, terminology errors, spelling, punctuation etc. with some subcategories of severity which are “preferential, minor, major, critical”.

How do we ensure the highest quality in translation?

TTO is an ISO-certified translation company. We offer our clients language services at universal standards as set forth in ISO 17100 and ISO 9001. To meet the quality requirements and expectations of our clients, we only work with professional, experienced linguists who have subject matter expertise. Based on the quality requirements, we implement 3-stage and 4-stage quality control processes where a translation is checked against possible quality issues at each step and corrected when necessary. At the end of these workflow steps, each one of which is carried out by different linguists, we ensure to eliminate any grammatical, terminological and semantic issues that might be present in the translation.

All of our steps are performed on our secure and centralized translation management system where our project management team, quality team and linguists work together to offer the ultimate quality translation services.

We are committed to offer quality translations to our clients and confident about the service level we provide. In case of any financial loss caused by errors present in the translations we delivered, we provide translation insurance coverage of up to $50.000.

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How do we assess translation quality?

We have an in-house quality team consisting of reviewers and LQA specialists. Based on the content type and evaluation requirements, we first define the metrics and the method we will be using during assessment. Once the method is defined such as LISA, MQM, DQF our quality team reviews the translation and when an error or issue is detected, each segment is annotated with the corresponding error category and severity. As a result of the error annotation, translation is regarded as “pass” or “fail”.

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