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Why need video game localization?

Gaming and video games have always been popular. However with the rise of the internet and mobile devices, the game industry is now one of the fastest growing industries globally. With the help of technological developments, video games today feature richer graphics and more complex plots which in turn help attract more gamers around the globe. However, in order to be successful in a local market, these should be supported by quality video game localization and users should be able to use the product in their language. This is where localization comes into play to translate games by adapting them according to the expectations of gamers targeted.

Experienced game localization teams

The success of a video game when released in a foreign market depends on many aspects; one of them is definitely the language used and the quality of localization implemented. If you’re creating a game that has a strong plot and you want the gamers in a local market to adopt the game, you will most likely need to localize your game. However each video game is unique with the language it uses to build its storyline which usually contains elements that need to be heavily adapted when translated. This is where working with “linguist gamers” comes into play. For a successful localization, translation and quality assurance team working in a localization project should be well-familiar with the video game itself. At TTO, we offer localization services for various types of games including:

  • Mobile games
  • Console games
  • Online games
  • Video games

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