Linguistic Quality Control Services

Quality always matters in language services. That’s why working with a reliable translation company committed to offering quality translation services at affordable prices is crucial if you would like to ensure that you will be receiving an output that meets your expectations.

At TTO, we offer linguistic quality control services for our clients to help them improve the quality of translations they receive. Contact our team now for details.

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Quality Control Service Areas

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How do we increase translation quality?

Turkish Translation Office is an ISO certified translation company offering language services in accordance with ISO 17100 and ISO 9001. As part of our commitment to providing translation services at the required standards, we always implement additional quality control steps in our standard workflows to detect and eliminate possible translation errors. Each of these quality assurance steps, including translation, is carried out by professional and experienced linguists.

During translation, we use computer assisted translation tools that enable our linguists to work in a workspace developed to this end. Translation databases and terminology management modules of these tools help to maintain an overall style and consistent terminology use. Following the initial quality checks, we perform a final QA step with translation quality assurance tools and deliver the document once all the issues are cleared.

Looking for the highest quality to the lowest price? Turkish Translation Office is the right choice for all language pairs! Ask for your free quote now.

Quality control process

  • Besides the general principle of quality we have a whole department working on it literally. Thanks to our team dedicated to quality we increase the overall quality of your translated work up to between %25 and %40! You can either ask for a two-stage quality or a four-stage quality service.
  • In the mechanic control process the translated text is checked for spelling errors.
  • In the editing process the whole text is controlled in that terminology, linguistics and semantics.
  • After editing our native speakers go over the text just to be sure it’s all natural without any errors.
  • In the final step our DTP department checks the translated document in the original format so as to correct any visual or numbering errors.