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Are you looking for cost effective desktop publishing services to receive your translated documents in their original format and design?

Do you need professional help to prepare your documents for computer assisted translation tools?

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Why is desktop publishing needed in translation services?

Flat text files, brochures, catalogs, manuals, presentations, non-editable PDFs, images and many other file types used for design and documentation purposes. 

These are some of the document types that require being translated and delivered in their original formats. That’s why they usually need to be preprocessed before the translation step for being converted into an editable file format. This is where desktop publishing comes in to help prepare documents for translation and, once translated, create them in their original design in the target language.

We deliver your translated documents in the original format! Get your free quote in no time!

What do we offer with our DTP services?

Desktop publishing is one of the integral parts of the translation workflow and it must be carried out diligently by professionals.

At TTO, we work with expert DTP professionals from all languages who are capable of handling various file types. Our DTP services cover two different steps. In the first step we prepare your documents for translation. This is where we convert non-editable text fields into editable texts so that they can easily be processed with computer assisted translation tools. The second step is implemented once the translation process is complete where our DTP experts prepare your documents as in the original design and format to deliver a print ready output.

File formats we support

  • MS Word

  • MS Excel

  • MS Power Point

  • PDF

  • Freehand

  • InDesign

  • Coreldraw

  • Quark Express

  • Photoshop

  • Xml

  • Sgml

  • Framemaker

  • Illustrator