Technical translation services

Technical translation requires a high level of terminology knowledge and domain expertise.

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Importance of technical translation

In today’s competitive global business market, technical translation services have become one of the most important requirements for technical solution companies that have spread their R&D, sales and manufacturing departments all over the world. A poorly translated and inaccurate technical document can harm your corporate image, brand and company reputation. As we all know technical texts are filled with complicated vocabulary, abbreviations and complex terms which can only be translated by a proficient and experienced technical translation agency working with professional translators.

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Why work with Turkish Translation Office?

All of our technical translators have degrees in related fields and are well-experienced in technical translation. We can offer accurate and precise translations for any kind of technical document with a focus on delivering a quality service at affordable rates. With our technical translation services; you will receive the best linguistic accuracy which will help you with your communication with your clients all around the world. Our translators are well familiar with the standards, regulations, and technical language of several target markets which allow us to offer a smooth translation process for your technical texts.

Being an experienced technical translation agency, we fully understand that even a slight inaccuracy in a technical translation can result in serious consequences. That’s why we only work with expert technical translators who have several years of experience in this specific field to ensure that you will get only the highest quality technical translation services.

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What kind of documents do we translate?

  • Vehicle inspection documents

  • Service, maintenance, and repair-related content

  • Computer related texts

  • Software

  • Technical brochures

  • Technical equipments

  • User manuals

  • Electrical and electronic devices

  • Electrical engineering documents

  • Electrical tools

  • Electronic tools

  • Documents on physical science

  • Ship engineering

  • Aviation electronics

  • Hydraulic translations

  • ISO documents

  • Review reports

  • Construction engineering

  • Operation manuals

  • Licenses

  • Quality certificates

  • Quality reports

  • Booklets

  • Control documents

  • Regulations

  • Operating instructions

  • Installation guidelines

  • Machinery labels

  • Mechanical engineering

  • Mobile phone translations (GSM)

  • Engineering translations

  • Nuclear power

  • Optical translations

  • Automotive

  • Patents

  • Procedures

  • Certificates

  • Fuel oil translations

  • Water treatment documents

  • Marketing brochures

  • Technical documents

  • Technical texts

  • Technical drawings

  • Textile translations

  • Telecommunications translations

  • Space technologies

  • Construction technology

  • Publishing technology