Automate your localization workflow end-to-end now with our connectors and integrations for third party content management systems, file and source code repositories.

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How do the integrations work?

In the context of translation and localization services, integrations are programmatically established connections between two different software, which enable the automated exchange of source and target texts between platforms. These platforms usually refer to translation management systems and other third party repositories that work integrated through specifically developed connectors, APIs or webhooks etc.

Integrations help localization service providers retrieve texts to be translated from a source, whether it is a content management system or file repositories, and submit translations to buyer’s system by eliminating manual file import and export operations.

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What are the benefits of using third party integrations?

Integrations and connectors help our clients streamline and simplify their localization processes by reducing manual work required for preparing files for localization. They can be used in continuous localization workflows to ensure agility in parallel with your agile software development practices.

In some integration scenarios, they can be further automated by adding triggers that will monitor folders at a specific location and start file exchange procedure automatically.

Connectors for file and code repositories:



    Google Drive










Premium CMS connectors:

   Zendesk Connector

   Salesforce Knowledge Connector

  Help Scout Connector

   TYPO3 Plugin

   HubSpot Connector

   Adobe Experience Manager Plugin

CMS add-ons for multilingual websites:

   WordPress Plugin

   Drupal Plugin