Sworn translation services

Do you need certified translation for your legal documents? We are ready to help you with our team of professional sworn translators experienced in various industries.

Benefit from our sworn translation services for the language pairs you need and receive error-free translations at affordable rates.

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What is a sworn translation?

Sworn translation is a kind of officially certified translation. When you need to have your documents in another language for governmental, educational, banking or any other official purposes, you might need to have your translated files signed and stamped by a sworn translator to make the translation officially valid. While in some cases sworn translation alone is enough for official purposes, you can also be required to have your translations certified by a notary.

With our sworn translation services we provide quality guaranteed translations which can directly be used during your application to official authorities or can further be submitted to the notary for approval. In addition to sworn translation and notary certification, we also provide our clients with apostille services where we have their documents apostilled by legal authorities.

  • Confidentiality

  • Free of Errors

  • Affordable Pricing

What makes us different at certified translation services?

  • We are an experienced translation agency offering professional service to all industries. Having a network of more than 2500 translators is one of our strengths in human resources.
  • We use state-of-the-art computer assisted translation tools to support our project management team and linguists with the best tools available. These tools allow our team to manage each step of a translation request on a centralized platform and help us eliminate possible errors while increasing translation quality.
  • We are an ISO certified translation company and offer our translation services at international standards. Based on our commitment to providing error-free translations, we prioritize customer satisfaction and offer the best quality service level for your sworn translation needs with our team of sworn translators and professionals experienced at notary approval and apostille certification processes.

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