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Translating academic texts requires expertise in the related field to ensure the correctness and accuracy of the translation. You can trust in our experience in academic translations and get your free quote for all language pairs now.

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Why would you need academic translations?

Whether you are an academic doing research in a field and would like to publish your articles in various languages or a student studying abroad and need the translation of your thesis, dissertations and articles, receiving professional academic translation services is one of the first steps to publish your research globally.

Publishing your academic papers in foreign languages will help you share your academic studies and findings with academicians from all over the world. With the help of academic translation, you will be able to have your scientific texts, research related contents such as articles, and thesis published in international scientific journals.

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What to consider in academic translation services?

  • An academic translator must know the source and target languages very well and must have an advanced knowledge in the subject matter.
  • Academic and scientific texts have their own tone, register and style which should be taken into account during translation.
  • Academic essays and articles require compliance to the standards which define the overall style and format of the document.
  • The use of correct terminology is another crucial aspect of academic translation. Concepts and field specific terms must be correctly rendered in the target language.
  • Academic articles must be free from any grammatical issues and spelling errors. That’s why they should be reviewed by experienced linguists before they are published.

Why choose TTO for academic translations?

Publishing your academic studies in foreign journals with an accurate and correct translation requires professional help from experienced linguists with subject matter expertise. We deliver high quality academic translations that meet the requirements of both the target language and the research field we translate for. We guarantee that our translations will match up to all the required linguistic standards.

We provide our professional academic translation services with our experienced academic translators and editors who have a grasp of the subject field as well as the source and target languages. Our translators are able to translate academic and scientific texts from a broad range of academic fields such as science, engineering, business, education, legal and more. We make sure that your translations are stylistically consistent.

Academic translations in every language

  • Translation of curriculums and educational texts

  • Scientific and academic research translations

  • Printed and e-book translations

  • Lecture notes and syllabus

  • Translation of bachelor's, master's and doctoral theses

  • Presentation translation

  • Translation of scientific publications and academic papers

  • Translation of international training documents

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