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Why you Need Academic Translation Services?

The enthusiasm to learn more has made many ambitious people to go abroad and become an international student, for pursuing higher studies or indulging themselves in several educational endeavors. Once enrolled as a student in a foreign educational institute or university at one point you will require academic translation services in order to effectively manage your course materials, journal articles, thesis or dissertations, projects, presentation, etc. Using translation software may give you a correct translation but will fail to give the best standard required for academic paper, documents, reports, etc. In this case you need a valuable assistance from a reputed and reliable translation agency .i.e. Turkish Translation Office.

  • Cost-effective prices

  • Language experts

  • Reliable translation

Important aspects of academic translation

  • The translator should know both languages very well. Besides that the advanced knowledge of the discipline is a must.
  • Tone and consistency are two important aspects that should be taken into account in academic translation.
  • The format and stylistic features of academic texts are highly important, references, quotes and index are some examples to that.
  • The accuracy of terminology is another thing that’s crucial in academic translations. After the translation is done it should go under quality control in that grammar, terminology, style, spelling, semantics and visuality.
  • If you’re in need of simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services for your events or conferences you can get in touch with us.

What makes our academic translation services different?

Your academic ideas, thoughts and arguments will be effectively translated into other languages with ease giving you an accurate translation. We will deliver you high quality academic translation service that can be understood well by the target audience and we guarantee that our services will match up to the required standards for presentation or seminars, etc.

Our comprehensive and professional academic translation services will be delivered by potent and experienced academic translators who understand the subject as well as the language in order to ensure a correct and accurate meaning or research ideas are conveyed in a right manner. Our academic translators are highly qualified from a broad range of academic subjects or fields such as science, engineering, business, etc. that helps in efficiently translating your required materials reflecting original meanings. We will make sure your translation will look good with perfect text alignment thanks to our expert DTP department that will handle any issue professionally.

Academic translation in every language

  • Translation of the curriculum and educational contents

  • Scientific and academic research translations

  • Printed and e-book translations

  • Lecture notes, translation of educational materials

  • Translation of bachelor's, master's and doctoral theses

  • Project and homework translation

  • Translation of scientific publications and academic papers

  • Translation of international training documents

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