Whispered interpreting services

If you are attending an event or a meeting and need a personal interpreter to help you with your communication, whispered interpretation is ideal for your requirements!

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What is whispered interpreting?

Also known as “chuchotage”, whispered interpreting is a sub-genre of simultaneous interpretation. This type of interpreting doesn’t require interpreting booth or special equipment. In whispered interpreting, an interpreter sits next to the participant and interprets by whispering to the ear of the listener.

However for bigger groups, a simultaneous interpreting system with microphone and headphones should be preferred. The audience might be disturbed because of the noise occurred while interpreting to a group.

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Which interpretation service is needed?

If you need interpretation for a large group of people or would like to have more than one language interpreted, you’ll need more than one interpreter and interpreting equipment including booths, microphones and headsets which will be used for simultaneous interpreting.

If you’re going to need interpreting for an interview or small business meeting for your personal needs, you can take advantage of consecutive interpreting.

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