Content localization services for digital marketing

If you are looking for a professional localization agency offering content localization services for a wide range of language pairs, you’re in the right place! Turkish Translation Office is at your service with hundreds of creative translators in its network!

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What is digital marketing?

The internet made it possible to reach out to the world globally without borders. For business owners, it’s a great opportunity to expand into new markets and gain profit with the help of internet marketing which offers the advantage of detailed targeting options based on their marketing strategy and target audience. What’s more, the results and the benefits of digital marketing efforts are more measurable which, in turn, makes it even more effective!

What is content localization and why would you need it?

Marketing campaigns developed to be carried out on digital platforms can be considered as digital marketing campaigns. There are many different channels digital marketers use: e-mails, social media, websites, search engines and mobile apps. You can creatively use digital platforms to tailor your message and reach out to your audience. By localizing your content, you meet them in their own language and ensure that your message is delivered correctly.

According to e-commerce statistics, people are more likely to buy products from websites that are prepared in their languages. This proves the importance of localizing your content if you would like to grow your business and attract more clients around the globe.

People are exposed to different types of content on a daily basis. If you want your target audience to pay attention to your content, you need to customize your message according to the channel you are delivering it over. That is why marketing and advertising requires more than translation: an efficient localization strategy.

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Professional content localization services in every language

We have an expert localization team experienced at different types of localization including content marketing localization, mobile app and website localization. We have a network of language experts from different countries, enabling us to work on multi-language projects. Thanks to our experienced web and graphic designers, IT and software experts we make sure that no technical error occurs in your project. We implement a 4-stage quality control process to offer the best quality service.

We are here to help you communicate with your target audience and earn their trust on your business!