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We offer high quality transcription services for all languages with our experienced team. 

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Professional transcription company

Working with professional transcriptionists, we provide high quality transcription services for all languages. If you need to have your audio or video recordings transcribed urgently without compromising on quality, automated transcription solutions such as speech to text software may not always be reliable. Depending on the language and the sound quality of the recording, you will need to receive professional help to meet quality expectations.

At TTO, we work with native transcription professionals and offer quality guaranteed transcriptions even for the most challenging content types. One of the main disadvantages of automated transcription is that it heavily depends on audio quality and can easily produce low quality outputs for recordings with too much noise. Trust in us with your transcription needs and receive the best quality.

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What is transcription and when will you need it?

Transcription is the process of converting an audio or video recording into written documents. You may need it for:

  • Interviews, radio or TV shows

  • Video productions

  • Conferences, events or training videos

  • Presentations and meetings

  • Trials, interrogations

  • Phone recordings

Discover our multimedia translation services:

  • Professional transcription services
  • Voice-over translation for transcriptions
  • Subtitle translation for transcriptions
  • Video content localization services
  • Image content localization services

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