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As the world’s most renowned Turkish translation agency we have been producing high quality translations and presenting unconditional customer satisfaction since 2005 with our English to Turkish translators, German to Turkish translators and other language specialists. Our clients from all around the world have expressed their satisfaction of our translation services in Turkey and Europe. We are proud to be one of the best and biggest translation offices, providing translation services in Turkey. We are certified with EN 17100 European Standard, which is a globally accepted standard in terms of translation services requirements and the only standard recognized by the European Union.

In order to reinforce a cultural bridge especially from European languages to Asian languages, in 2013, EDU Group founded a Translation and Localization Office in Europe in accordance with its expansion and investment plans in Europe. The purpose was to offer both translation and localization services to all languages from English, Turkish and German and from all languages to these source languages with its English to Turkish translators, German to Turkish translators and other language specialists.

As a global market player, we are a member of


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    (American Translators Association)

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    (Globalization and Localization Association)

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    (European Language Industry Association)

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Over 2500 language experts

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Turkish Translation Office

Our vision is to lead the way in the translation process, to push the boundaries of translation by using ever advancing technology and a solid, experienced group of experts. We would like to expand our offices and connect with the multi-lingual world through our translation work.

Our mission is to maintain a substantial work flow in the areas of translation and documentation, provided by European companies as a result of economic globalization and strengthening relations between Turkey and Europe. It is our hope that our high quality, cost effective services and trustworthy work-ethic will contribute to their profitability. Committing ourselves to our customers’ requirements and satisfaction, Turkish Translation Office endeavors, with pleasure, to provide the perfect cross-language communication for its customers. At Turkish Translation Office, we believe that our profitability is directly connected to that of our customers’, and our mission is based on this simple fact.