Professional subtitle translation services

Looking for a reliable subtitling company to add subtitles to your videos? Turkish Translation Office offers professional subtitle translation services by experienced translators and subtitlers.

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Professional subtitling services

From our offices located in Germany and Türkiye, we manage a large network of experienced translators and subtitle professionals and provide subtitle translation services for German, Turkish, English and any other language pairs you need.

Clients, who need to add subtitles to their video content, have been relying on our expertise. We work with a professional team for each language pair and deliver subtitle translations for documentaries, movies, promotional videos and other video related content types. Based on the platform, on which you will be using your subtitle file, we are able to create and process it in the most common formats such as .srt, .webtt, .ssa and many more. In order to eliminate any possible errors, we implement a 4-step quality control process for subtitle translations.

Why receive professional subtitle translation services?

Subtitles or closed captions are one of the fastest and cost-effective ways to add additional language options to your videos. Whether it is a training video that you will be using during internal training sessions or a promotional video which you want to present to your clients in their native language; you will need professional subtitling services to receive an error-free, reliable translation and deliver your message accurately.

In addition to subtitling, we offer:

  • Transcription services for your video and audio content, so they can be prepared for the subtitling process.
  • Subtitling translation in every language pair.
  • Voice-over services for your videos.
  • Localization services for images and videos.

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5 reasons to choose Turkish Translation Office for subtitle localization

  • We provide competitive prices for language services that we offer from our offices in Türkiye and Germany.
  • We comply with the ISO standards and are certified by 9001 and 17100 certifications.
  • With our translator network from all over the world, we deliver multilingual subtitling services.
  • We use the latest subtitling technologies to enable our team to deliver the best output.
  • We do care about the confidentiality of your contents, sign non-disclosure agreements with all the parties we collaborate with.