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Localization is a key to your success in international business and we offer an extensive range of localization services for all your marketing needs!

We provide the best localization services with short turnaround times and lower your costs with our cutting-edge localization and translation management software. Contact us for more information and receive your free quote.

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What is the difference between localization and translation?

The terms localization and translation might be confusing when it comes to their technical definition. They both refer to a process where a message in a source text is rendered into a target language or culture. While translation aims to transfer the exact meaning into the target text, localization goes beyond translation and requires an additional adaptation work.

Translation is mostly preferred for content types which do not require transcreation or adaptation such as academic and technical texts. However, localization is mainly used for the translation of websites, software, video games, and marketing contents. In localization, cultural references and preferences of the target audience are taken into account to address their needs and interests. Localization is basically a process of adaptation depending on the purpose of the text.

Why would you need professional localization services?

Due to the additional steps that are included in localization, it requires working with a team of professionals from different backgrounds such as project managers, localization engineers and linguists. Localization is not merely rendering the meaning into a target language. The overall objective is creating an output that resonates with the target audience in a local market. When implemented correctly, localization is the key to your success in overseas markets.

At TTO, we have a localization department consisting of project managers, localization engineers, web designers and linguists who help us implement a seamless localization strategy for your websites, software and marketing contents.

Working with TTO saves you time and money that you can spend for your marketing costs! Contact us to get your free localization quote.

You can take advantage of localization services for:

  • Website localization to introduce your services and deliver your message online.
  • Game localization to provide a flawless game experience.
  • E-commerce localization to grow your business online.
  • Software localization to adapt your software to local preferences.
  • Mobile app localization to reach your local audience.
  • Content localization for your digital marketing and advertising contents.