Mobile app localization services

Mobile app localization: one of the greatest ways to meet your clients!

The integration of different industries with the digital world is increasing each day, so why not meet your target audience where they are, on mobile?

At Turkish Translation Office, we offer high-end localization services for your business.

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Why localize your mobile app content?

The digitalization of the businesses: a great and growing trend with the help of the latest technological advancements. If you have a range of services and products or if you would like to offer added benefit to your target audience, a mobile app environment is a great way to achieve your goals since the use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets is increasing more and more every day.
People are being flooded with content and information over any kind of media they use. That’s why they tend to pick up the message that tunes in with them. Mobile apps are one step ahead of other media in that users download and use them intentionally. That’s why they give business owners a great advantage. All you need to do is tailor your message, draw the attention of your target audience and offer your deal!

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How can you benefit from mobile app localization?

Your business can either be global or local; you can both use mobile apps to grow your market potential. Let’s say you have an e-commerce app that allows users to shop online and you want to expand the borders and sell your products overseas. What you need is a user friendly mobile app that builds trust for your clients. According to statistics people tend to choose shopping online when the website is in their own language. So it would not be wrong to say that addressing your target audience in their own language helps you to build an organic connection with them.

Maybe you have a global business and are looking for ways to improve your local market presence and increase the use of your mobile app. Then, you will need to localize your mobile app into the language of your target audience. The most efficient way to communicate with them is offering them a product in their own language. That is why mobile app localization plays a vital role in global marketing.

Why choose Turkish Translation Office for mobile app localization?

  • We have a localization department specialized in different steps of the localization process including web design, localization engineering, IT and translation.
  • At Turkish Translation Office, we offer localization services in every language with our huge network of translators, so you can request the localization of your app into various languages.
  • We implement a 4-stage quality control process to make sure you get the highest quality translation without any technical errors!
  • We localize your iOS and Android based mobile applications at competitive prices; forget about the unrealistic localization costs!

Reach your target audience easily with localized mobile apps! Ask for your free quote now.