Simultaneous interpreting system rental

We’re offering cutting-edge, high quality simultaneous equipment at affordable prices. If you need simultaneous interpreting and would like to hire technical equipment as well, we are ready to help you with our equipment rental services.

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Simultaneous interpretation equipment

Simultaneous interpreting requires special translation techniques that can be achieved using tools and devices developed specifically to help relay the translation to the listeners. In international conferences and events where more than one language is spoken, you will need to provide a clear and understandable interpreting for the audience. Interpreting equipment is one of the most important components in offering a seamless interpreting experience.

The quality of simultaneous interpretation depends mainly on the following factors:

  • Interpreter’s expertise on the subject
  • Interpreter’s interpretation skills
  • The quality of technical equipment

Advantages that Turkish Translation Office offers for equipment rental

  • In addition to the technical equipment that you need for simultaneous interpreting, we have a huge network of +500 interpreters around the world. With years of experience in interpreting services, we provide the best quality.
  • We provide the latest technology technical equipment consisting of sound-proof booths, the highest quality transmitters, headsets and microphones for interpreters. We care about the hygiene and comfort of your audiences and offer the best quality headsets for participants.
  • We have been providing interpreting and equipment rental services for the events of leading national and international companies.

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