Artificial Intelligence Based Machine Translation Services

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What is machine translation?

First examples of machine translation dates back to 1950s, however back in those times it wasn’t profitable option for businesses, in that it required more time than human translation and required editing. In todays World, where everything is tied to technology things have changed in translation industry too.

Artificial intelligence based hyrid machine translation is faster and cheaper!

How machine translation is done?

Currently machine translation is the most cost-effective and profitable practice in technical translation services. Especially in the long run, for the projects that needs translation regularly. In order to make this process more efficient and flawless we create a rich terminology for the machine translation engines. The more data we use the better quality of raw output is. After integrating terminology into engines, we upload the source text to the program. Depending on the project, the translation is done faster up to %50 when compared to human translation. The raw output of machine translation can be used without editing if it’s not needed for professional use. However if you like your translation in the best quality, we offer post-edit services as well. Post-edit is the equivalent of edit in human translation.

  • Cheaper up to %50!

  • Fast & reliable

  • Post-edit support

  • High quality

Machine translation quality and advantages

Translation needs editing whether it’s raw output of MT or human translation. As a full service professional translation office we offer editing services. In machine translation, quality of the text is firstly improved with mechanic control. After that our expert post-editor controls the text and make some corrections increasing the overall quality. The time needed for post-edit is reduced in time, because the quality of the raw output increase gradually. Even with the post-edit process less time is spent for MT service, making it less expensive!

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