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Would you like to reduce your translation turnaround times for large translation projects while lowering your costs? Artificial intelligence based machine translation offers you the speed and cost benefits you are looking for. Use our machine translation and post-editing services now to achieve fast and cost-effective automated translations.

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What is machine translation?

Machine translation is an automated translation of text by computer software from one natural language into another without human involvement. The ultimate aim of machine translation is to generate translations that achieve human parity with the use of software, or more technically machine translation engines, designed and developed for automated translation.

First studies on machine translation date back to the 1950s. Although it seems straightforward on the surface, translation is more than just a word-for-word substitution of sentences between languages and requires a more complex approach to render texts in another language accurately. That’s why various approaches have been adopted so far by machine translation researchers and practitioners on how to teach machines the art of translation.

Machine translation helps you save on translation costs!

How does machine translation work?

Machine translation systems fall into different types of technologies such as rules based machine translation, statistical machine translation and neural machine translation.

Rule based systems are developed by hardcoding the language and grammar rules and dictionaries for the relevant languages. Statistical systems make use of large bilingual data and learn how to translate based on the analysis made by software developed with specific statistical algorithms. Neural systems use deep learning techniques and algorithms to train machines on how to translate through a “neural network” modeled loosely after the human brain to recognize patterns in a source and target language pair.

Neural machine translation is currently the state-of-the-art paradigm which usually yields higher quality outputs and advantages over other techniques.

  • Low costs

  • Fast & reliable

  • Post-edit

  • High quality

What are the benefits of machine translation?

When used efficiently, the advantages of machine translation boil down to two main factors; it is usually faster and cheaper when compared to human translation.

Machine translation saves you time: MT can help you shorten lead time of your large translation projects due to the fact that machine translation engines are capable of translating large volumes of texts in a very short while.

Machine translation reduces translation costs: MT is cost-efficient for large volumes of translation. Using customized machine translation engines can help cut translation costs due to less human involvement.

Machine translation can also be used as a productivity tool for human translators. When incorporated into a hybrid workflow, where human and machine translation are used in combination, high quality MT output can help increase the overall productivity of human translators.

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