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What is notary certified translation?

Do you need to have your official documents translated in a different language? In some countries and for some institutions sworn translation alone may not be used for official purposes. In these cases, notary approved translation is required for educational, occupational, commercial and legal documents. Notary certified translation in Türkiye is carried out by sworn translators who are authorized by notaries.

At Turkish Translation Office, we are offering accurate and quality notary certified translations with our experienced linguists. We sign non-disclosure agreements with third parties we are working with and ensure the confidentiality of your documents.

Tips on notary certified translation

  • To have a translation approved by a notary, it is necessary to have it signed and stamped by a sworn translator authorized by the same notary public to which the documents are submitted for certification.
  • We don’t charge for the preparation of your documents for notary approval. However notary certification is a paid service provided by the notaries public and the approval fee is determined by them.
  • We also provide our clients with a delivery option for the documents they have approved.

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What are the steps of our notarization services?

  • When we receive a notarized translation request, our project management team first assigns the job to one of sworn translators who is authorized by the notary.
  • Once the document is translated, we have it checked for possible errors and mistranslations by one of our experienced language experts.
  • After the review step is complete, our desktop publishing team prepares the documents for notary certification.
  • We prepare and deliver the documents to notary certification free of charge. However, the certification fee is supposed to be paid by our clients.
  • After notary approval, we deliver your documents to you as quickly as possible.