Life Sciences Translation Services

Technology, science and vitality have united under the life sciences. We are happy to provide professional translation and contribute to the world in a scientific useful way!

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What is life sciences and medical translation?

Thanks to the fast changing environment of science, former traditional medicine approach has started to evolve. Nowadays interdiscipliner approach is becoming more and more common in science. Therefore any science about with living beings can be go under the umbrella term of life sciences. Life sciences translation is not only contrubuting these fields scientifically but also providing better conditions and oppurtunities to the vitality.

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Subcategories of life sciences

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Biomedical technology and Biotechnology

  • Biochemistry

  • Bioengineering

  • Biology

  • Cell biology

  • Ecology

  • Biomolecular engineering

  • Food science

  • Molecular biology

  • Neuroscience

  • Medical imaging systems

  • Genetics

  • Plant science

Turkish Translation Office advantages in medical & life sciences translation

  • We provide industry based translation services and work with over 2500 translators who are experienced in different specialties.
  • We are aware that medical and life sciences have zero tolerance to errors, so do we. Thanks to our quality department we provide 2 and 4 stage quality control process by decreasing the errors and increase the quality of texts up to 40%.
  • We’re assertive and confident about the quality of our translation services. With the translation insurance we promise to cover your loss caused by translation errors up to 50,000 USD.
  • In order to deliver results fast, accurate and in high quality we are fully functioning on automated project management systems and we use computer assisted translation programs.
  • Productivity is one of our goals, therefore we integrate our clients to our user friendly cloud based projet mangement system, saves you a lot of time and effort.