Energy Translation Services

Our energy comes from our experience in the energy industry!

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Professional translation services for energy sector

Energy, as an industry has always been and will be in demand for the World. Though it has two distinct sub categories as renewable and non-renewable resources, energy is a quite vast subject in that focus. The main categories can be summed up as production, distribution and sale of energy. Professional translation plays a functional role in each of these branches.

All fields of energy sector a highly technical and to achieve success in translation of these specific areas technical, legal, terminology or text specific expertise are needed. As Turkish Translation Office we only choose the translators, who are eligible for your project in that education and experience in the field, out of +2500 translators.

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What we offer differently?

Looking for fast and high quality industry translations? CAT tools and cloud based technologies we are using help us to create dedicated teams working on your project simulatenously. As a result of using translation memories and computer assisted translations we reach to a great level of consistency even in big projects!

We are aware that energy is a critical industry and there’s no room for errors in energy translations, so does in our deliveries! We work with zero-error policy and apply 2 or 4 staged quality control processes resulting in the quality increase up to %40! With our translation insurance we cover up to 50,000 USD of your financial damage caused by a translation error. You don’t need to worry about managing your project when working with us. All you need from your project detailes to revisions, from invoices and archives they are all on our client portal, reachable 24/7 online!

Where to use translation in energy industry?

  • Analyses and reports

  • Licenses and certificates

  • Sales and marketing

  • Training contents

  • Research and developments

  • Academic theses and researches

  • For the construction and operation of power plants

  • Installation and operating manuals for construction machinery and equipment

  • Technical specifications, legal and commercial documents

  • Correspondence and contracts

  • Commercial and technical content for oil companies

  • High quality & consistency

  • Professional & expertise

  • Cost-effective & seamless

  • 100% reliable & secure

  • Easy project managemet