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Our energy comes from our experience in the energy industry!

Are you looking for a professional translation company for your energy industry related documents? Working with expert translators, we ensure that you will receive fast and quality energy translations in all language pairs. Contact us now to get your free quote immediately!

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Professional translation services for the energy industry

Energy has always been at the center of life and played a significant role in determining international relations. Energy resources are among the most widely traded assets in international markets, and usually managed by official authorities. Energy related investments usually require mega investments backed by governmental policies in the areas of energy generation, distribution and sale. All of these activities are strictly regulated by laws and usually require professional translation services to ensure a seamless communication.

Whether it is needed for oil, gas or other renewable or non-renewable energy sectors, all translation services in these fields require technical, legal and terminological expertise. At Turkish Translation Office we work with expert energy translators, who are eligible and experienced in the sector our clients need translation for.

Energy translations in all languages from a professional translation company: TTO! Get your free quote now.

Why choose TTO for energy translations?

At TTO, we collaborate with experienced linguists who are subject matter experts in the energy sector. Legal or technical texts, marketing documents, specifications and more; we provide quality guaranteed translations in all languages. CAT tools and cloud based technologies we are using help us work with dedicated teams simultaneously on the same translation project regardless of the volume and the size.

We implement additional quality control steps to eliminate any possible translation errors and ensure that our clients receive error-free energy translations. Based on the service tier our clients prefer, we offer translation insurance coverage of USD 50,000 for any financial harm caused by translations we deliver. We provide our clients with a dedicated client portal which allows them to track their project details 24/7 online.

Where would you need energy translation?

  • Analyses and reports

  • Licenses and certificates

  • Sales and marketing

  • Training contents

  • Research and developments

  • Academic theses and research papers

  • Documents of operation for power plants

  • Installation and operating manuals for construction machinery and equipment

  • Technical specifications, legal and commercial documents

  • Correspondence and contracts

  • Commercial and technical content for oil companies

  • High quality & consistency

  • Professional & expert

  • Cost-effective & seamless

  • 100% reliable & secure

  • Easy project management