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Software localization will open up the road to global success! If your software is ready to go global, we’re ready to localize it in any language pair you need!

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Cost effective, yet high quality software localization services

Information and software technologies are the rising star of the modern era. Software developed to run on a wide range of devices such as computers, mobile phones and tablets has been widely used by more and more people around the globe to streamline their business and communication processes or any other daily experiences such as entertainment and shopping.

Software companies, on the other hand, are doing their best to offer their users a seamless user experience and increase their users in local markets. For software released in foreign markets, being successful mainly depends on implementing an efficient localization strategy by working with a professional team of localization experts who are experienced in the target language and culture you would like to have your products localized into.

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Why choose TTO for software localization?

Software development is a challenging business and requires experience and great effort. You can create fully-functional software which is the best of its kind. However, if you would like to go global and ship your product to local markets, you will additionally need to have your software adapted to the requirements of the market you are targeting. These requirements might vary from legal obligations to user expectations the product is supposed to meet when released. This is where software localization comes into play to help you adapt your product.

At TTO, we work with linguists who are experienced localization professionals and native speakers of the target language. Our linguist team is backed by our expert project managers and localization engineers.

As with the other services we offer, quality matters for software localization as well. In addition to linguistic quality testing, we implement a 4-step quality control process during translation to eliminate any possible issues.

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