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What is IT?

IT stands for information technologies, which is an umbrella concept for softwares, hardwares, equipments that have a capacity to store, transmit and process information. Information technology can be anything from electronics or mobile apps we’re using on our smart phones.

The importance of information technologies

In our modern world technology and globalisation are two in separable concepts, constantly effecting each other and shaping the future. The rapid developments in information technologies change the way we do business, we get service in any industry. Therefore through the internet, digitalization of these technologies or services have made it possible to grow businesses globally more than ever.

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Why you need IT translation & localization?

Thanks to the dynamic nature of technology can be a great advantage if you reach your target audience using the right language. But what’s this right language in an international market?

Localization and translation are two ways of using the right language. Localization differs from translation in that it’s adaptive nature rather than only translating. On an e-commerce website localization in IT translation may be lacking the organic communicative dynamics; however translation would be perfect for more technical hardwrare user manual.

Technical IT translations require an expertise on specific areas. As a technology friendly and professional translation office we only choose the experienced translators for your project over a network of 2500 language experts. However on IT localization it’s highly important to be familiar with the industry, platform and context in that communicating with target audience. We are proiding our srvices with a quality focus, therefore we use 2 and 4 stage quality control method to get more fluent and natural result in IT localization.

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IT & electronics translation and localization services

  • Translation of memory management software

  • Computer and operating system contents

  • Translation of operating and installation instructions for electronic equipment

  • Software translations

  • Hardware translations

  • Installation and operating guides

  • Computer-aided design translations

  • Translation of production software

  • Geographical information systems and software translations

  • Translation of image processing technologies

  • Network and systems management translations

  • Security software translation

  • E-Commerce translation

  • Database translations

  • Translation of Internet technologies