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What does IT mean?

IT stands for information technologies, which is an umbrella concept for software, hardware and equipment that have a capacity to store, transmit and process information. The term IT is usually used within business context and typically refers to the technologies used for electronic data processing.

Why are information technologies important?

In our modern world, technology and information are two inseparable concepts, constantly affecting each other and shaping the future of how we process data. The rapid developments in information technologies change the way we do business and receive services. Therefore the internet and the digitalization of services have made it possible to grow businesses globally more than ever.

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Why would you need IT translation & localization?

With the rise of the internet and mobile technologies, companies now benefit from the advantage of digitalization which has facilitated the processing and transfer of data. However accessibility and mobility of information have made it necessary to present services and products in the language of local users either by localization or translation.

Localization and translation are two ways of delivering your products in local markets. Localization differs from translation in that it requires adaptation to the target culture in addition to rendering the message via translation. Based on the requirements, both translation and localization plays an important role in offering your IT related documents in the language of your target audience.

IT related documents usually comprise technical texts and translating such documents requires expertise in technical fields such as hardware, software and technology. Being a tech-savvy and professional translation company, we only work with experienced translators, and support them with our technical project management team. With a focus on quality, we implement a 4-step quality control process to deliver an accurate and correct translation.

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IT & electronics translation and localization services

  • Translation of project management software

  • Computer and operating system contents

  • Translation of operating and installation instructions for electronic equipment

  • Software translations

  • Hardware translations

  • Installation and operating guides

  • Computer-aided design translations

  • Translation of production software

  • Geographical information systems and software translations

  • Translation of image processing technologies

  • Network and systems management translations

  • Security software translation

  • E-Commerce translation

  • Database translations

  • Translation of Internet technologies