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Emre Barlas
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Ein Unternehmen der Barlas Egitim Dan. Bilg. Hizm. Tercume Tur. San. Ve Dıs Tic. Ltd. Sti.

Turkish Translation Office was established as a partner of EDU Çeviri with the mission of becoming the first translation office coming to mind when it comes to Turkish. Turkish Translation Office’s vision is to lead the way in the translation process, to push the boundaries of translation by using ever advancing technology and a solid, experienced group of experts. We would like to expand our offices here in Istanbul and connect with the multi-lingual world through our translation work.

Our mission at Turkish Translation Office is to maintain a substantial work flow in the areas of translation and documentation, provided by European companies as a result of economic globalization and strengthening relations between Turkey and Europe. It is our hope that our high quality, cost effective services and trustworthy work-ethic will contribute to their profitability. Committing ourselves to our customers’ requirements and satisfaction, Turkish Translation Office endeavors, with pleasure, to provide the perfect cross-language communication for its customers. At Turkish Translation Office, we believe that our profitability is directly connected to that of our customers’, and our mission is based on this simple fact.

Our Working Principle

As a part of our company structure, company values and the services we provide, “the customer” is always our main focus. Everything is prepared, developed and presented according to our customer’s specifications and needs. Since we prefer to stay in touch with our customer throughout the translation process, we always have the opportunity to make punctual amendments in response to your rapidly developing ideas and upon your instruction, throughout the course of the translation.

Experienced Translation Team

Our experienced team members, who have been working together for a long time, demonstrate a strong collaboration, especially in extensively wide projects. Each translator has a specific field of expertise. After we receive your document, according to the extent of work, a translation team suitable for the scope of the document is organized and the translation process begins.

Quality Assurance

In order to meet your expectation of quality, our translation process does not end after the document or text is translated. A quality check is also performed by an experienced editor. Even minor misspellings, inconsistencies or errors in style, if any, are detected and corrected. Layout errors are also rectified by a professional desktop publishing expert. In other words, we cannot tolerate any faults at Turkish Translation Office. That is why we are always sure of ourselves when providing you with quality assurance.


– Turkish Translation Office was established in Istanbul, TURKEY as a partner of EDU Çeviri with the mission of becoming the first translation office coming to mind when it comes to Turkish.
– Continued its investments in the Human Resources area permanent employee numbers were increased.
– Production, Planning and Organization departments were established.
– Moved to a bigger office
– Achieved a 44% revenue growth.
– Moved to a secured substructure by renewing all the systems with the investments of more than TRY 200,000 in the field of Human Resources and Technology.
– Signed a contract with The Undersecretariat of Maritime Affairs.
– Signed a contract with Akbank, one of the leading banks of Turkey.
– Established its Quality Assurance department and moved to a 4 (Four)-Stage Translation Control process.
– Achieved a 33% revenue growth.
– Became one of the first agencies of Turkey which received the quality Certificates of ISO 9001 Q and EN 15038, the only standard acknowledged by European Union for Translation Industry.
– Increased the number of permanent employees.
– Signed a contract with HSBC.
– Achieved a 42% revenue growth.
– Signed a contract with Anadolu Medical Center.
– Moved to a two-storey office.
– Increased the number of permanent employees by 50%.
– Launched EDU Academy program.
– Created TTO – Turkish Translation Office brand for foreign markets.
– Laid the foundation of Translation ERP software, whose Know How and Analysis works are entirely its own.
– Achieved a 27% revenue growth.
– Enhanced its systems with an investment of more than TRY 300,000 and moved to a four-storey office.
– Increased the number of permanent employees once again by 35%.
– The first class of students graduated from EDU Academy program.
– Signed a contract with The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS).
– Brought work flows, performance management, customer management and segmentation to an online platform with ERP Software and realized probablythe most detailed Translation software of Turkey in this field.
– Established its HR department.
– Opened an office in Dusseldorf, Germany.

– Achieved a 34,5% revenue growth
– We have established our new brand Transistent in January 2015 for machine translation (MT) and quality automation services. We are proud and honored to be the only company in Turkey and the Middle East providing these services.

At present, EDU Çeviri has achieved top 5 (five) in the translation agencies of Turkey thanks to its +40 permanent, +500 freelance employees and an annual production volume increasing with two digit rates every year as well as its customer portfolio, including more than 300 domestic and foreign companies.

Our Targets;
Domestic : To become the most desired agency to work with in Turkey in the translation industry.
Foreign : To become the first Translation agency that springs to mind for Turkish language and to increase the number of offices in foreign countries step by step.

Our Production Target:
As per our production volume which is increasing every year with two digit rates our 2020 target is to achieve an annual production volume of + 100,000,000 words in local and international markets.


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