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Achieve your marketing goals with professional marketing translations

Marketing is the set of strategies a company develops and implements to promote their business locally or internationally. Although digitalization has introduced new tools and strategies in the promotion of products, services or brands in general, the ultimate aim in marketing remains the same; increasing the sales of products or services by attracting more customers by establishing a seamless communication strategy. Here comes into play the need for creating engaging marketing contents and reliable marketing translations.

Communicating your message effectively in a foreign market or culture requires being familiar with the target culture and the preferences of customers. This helps to adapt your message in a foreign language by taking advantage of localization and transcreation. Research shows that, even if they speak a foreign language, consumers are more inclined to buy from brands that communicate with them in their native language. Therefore, professional translation and localization services play a significant role in developing your communication strategy during your international marketing campaigns.

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What should be considered in marketing translation?

  • In order to attract local customers, you should work with professional and native marketing translators to ensure that you offer high quality translations.
  • While delivering your message, you should adapt it to the requirements of the marketing channel you will be using, and have it translated by taking the cultural and linguistic differences into account.
  • Translation may not always meet your needs based on the content type to be translated. Marketing localization and transcreation can also be implemented when you need to adapt your text to local requirements. This helps you create translations that resonate with your target audience.

What do we offer in marketing translation services?

Conventional marketing translation and localization services

  • Brand identity

  • Radio spots

  • TV commercials

  • Promotional films

  • Posters

  • Banners

  • Adverts

  • Brochures

Digital marketing translation and localization services

  • Digital brand identity

  • Corporate websites and blog content

  • Social media content

  • SEO-friendly digital content

  • Email marketing

  • Search engine ads

  • Social media ads

  • E-books